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Next Generation, Whole Home, Smart Residential Air Purification Technology

PUREAOX is a breakthrough innovation in material science, allowing for unprecedented filtration from the largest to the smallest of pollutants, combined with an easy-to-use IOT solution to monitor air quality.

Benefits we provide for our clients

Customers can sit back and get relaxed, because our work is guaranteed to satisfy.

Small Upfront Fee

You will pay a small up-front fee to receive a PUREAOX smart filter housing that retrofits to your HVAC system

Online Monitoring

Monitor the air quality of your home in real-time through our easy-to-use online panel.

Yearly Filter Replacement

With online subscription to PUREAOX platform, you will receive ongoing annual filter replacement service.

Full Perpetual Warranty

Get peace of mind with a perpetual warranty for your unit.

Full support, 7 days a week

Our Story


Breakthrough Manufacturing

We have achieved an innovative process for changing the properties of Aluminum Oxide to get desired porosity, reactivity, stability and mechanical strength properties.


Fast & Easy Deployment

Once PUREAOX is installed, the customer can easily connect to our platform and see the air quality metrics of their unit, just by scanning the QR code on the product.


IOT Enabled Monitoring

All performance details of an installed unit can be accessed and monitored online, and replacement filters will be sent to the customer as the air quality drops below threshold.


Ease of Mind & Convenience

Enjoy your time at home while PUREAOX filters purify your indoor air by targeting odors, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), viruses, and bacteria all without sacrificing airflow.

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